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Our Services

Sealcoat | Certified Applicator of Sealmaster
SealMaster is a heavy duty protective seal for bituminous concrete pavements. It is a high solids colloidal dispersion of coal tar pitch in water. It is easy to use, dries to a jet black finish and exceeds federal specification RP355(e). Seal-Pave is manufactured by Surface Coatings Co. Advanced Formula J-16® is a rubberized geotextile and polymer fortified coal tar emulsion designed to produce a fast drying, long wearing protective surface. It meets Federal Specification RP355(e) and is a product of Maintenance, Inc. For more information on this product please feel free to visit the manufactures site at www.surfacecoatingsco.com.
All cracks are filled with a rubber compound that is heated to 375 degrees before application. When this rubber cools, it provides a weather resistant seal to the damaging effects of rain and snow.
We own our own striping machines, so there is no waiting on a subcontractor to do the job. All lines are striped using Latex or Oil bases paints.
Tennis Courts | Sport Surfaces | Other Services
We offer the following for sport surfaces
  • Color coating
  • Color crackfilling
  • Striping
  • Paving
  • Patching

Why Choose Sealcoat?

Think of any object that is inviting to oxidation and you will probably be able to think of a protective coating for it. You wouldn't build a house without shingles on the roof, or drive your car in the rain without paint! So why leave your asphalt unprotected to the everyday elements such as rain and snow!

Asphalt is a very complex mixture of thousands of chemicals which begin to deteriorate after years of exposure to weather, salts, and chemicals such as gasoline. The first visual sign of deterioration is the change in the surface color from a black to brown and finally gray. These color changes take place as vital oils and chemicals are "baked out" by the sun. Ever looked at a parking lot and wondered where all the gravel on the surface came from. It was once part of the parking lot but as the bonding components were deteriorated the stones were loosened.

The next visual sign of deterioration is minor cracking. When not treated properly these cracks will continue to grow over time. As water penetrates through the asphalt and attacks the base, the load capacity of the asphalt surface may be dramatically reduced. Once the load capacity of the asphalt is reduced you may begin to experience problems such as rutting, sinking, or large alligator areas. If you wait until this point it may be too late to save the structure and a cap or completely new surface maybe necessary.

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