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Sealcoat | Certified Applicator of Seal-Pave
SealMaster is a heavy duty protective seal for bituminous concrete pavements. It is a high solids colloidal dispersion of coal tar pitch in water. It is easy to use, dries to a jet black finish and exceeds federal specification RP355(e). Seal-Pave is manufactured by Surface Coatings Co. Advanced Formula J-16® is a rubberized geotextile and polymer fortified coal tar emulsion designed to produce a fast drying, long wearing protective surface. It meets Federal Specification RP355(e) and is a product of Maintenance, Inc. For more information on this product please feel free to visit the manufactures site at www.surfacecoatingsco.com.
All cracks are filled with a rubber compound that is heated to 375 degrees before application. When this rubber cools, it provides a weather resistant seal to the damaging effects of rain and snow.
We own our own striping machines, so there is no waiting on a subcontractor to do the job. All lines are striped using Latex or Oil bases paints.
Tennis Courts | Sport Surfaces | Other Services
We offer the following for sport surfaces
  • Color coating
  • Color crackfilling
  • Striping
  • Paving
  • Patching
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